Planet Coaster Game Review: A Worthy Rival to No Limits 2

Planet Coaster Simulator

Planet Coaster is a worthy and more recent rival to No Limits 2, developed by Frontier Developments, the same team that recently launched the highly successful Planet Zoo. It follows a more recent trend of newer studios doing what old tired giants such as EA could never do, passionately give those craving a real sim builder of their chosen niche what they want, whether that's a theme park builder or city builder, fans have always wanted to construct their own "thing" piece by piece and not be limited by poor shallow game mechanics.

Planet Coaster delivers this allowing you to construct virtually everything in the game to reflect your own true desires, tastes and style with rides and buildings. This allows the player to feel like what they have built is their baby and not some generic polished park that barely looks anything different from the next players creation.

share your creations in the steamworkshop

Show off and share your work in the workshop

The fact you get to show off your park creation or a specific ride with friends in the Steam workshop and even allow others to use your rides just puts the cherry on top of theme park cake and so it's no wonder that Planet Coaster has converted many RCT players into loyal fans too.

A Smouldering Success?

Unique player creations do not get any better than Dragon Kingdom by Coastercad. Indeed it's the sort of theme park you could imagine Disney building.

Visually Stunning, Particularly at Night

Planet Coaster at Night: Truly Stunning

The visuals can be awe inspiring

Your theme park truly comes to life at night where things just look eye candily fabulous. The glistening lights of rides amoungst the dusk backdrop almost sends you back in time to when you would visit theme parks as a kid and would delight in the wondrous rides, sights, sounds and smells that awaited you, truly stimulating your senses.

Guests React Uniquely to Your Creations

Planet Coaster Guest Reactions

Guests will clearly let you know when they love your ride

Whatever you decide to build, whether it's a ride that resembles a real life version or something totally unique thought up by your own ingenuity, you can marvel at how your guests react uniquely to each one taking great pride in your work.

DLC Greed Threatens Frontier's Reputation

One negative side to the game beyond the initial download is the DLC model where expansions are very expensive and almost alienate some fans who wish to experience everything this fantastic theme park builder has to offer. With sky high prices for DLC's the developers have come into the firing line with some individuals. Just check out the Frontier 25th Anniversary Collection as a prime example.

Definitely Worth Your Time as a Theme Park or RTC Fan

Planet Coaster is certainly worth your time and the initial game your money too if you have been a fan of games such as Theme Park and of course the famous Roller Coaster Tycoon series. Whether you decide to part with a handsome amount beyond the base content is a questionable call and a matter of your own bank balance. But theres enough about the base game to satisfy even the most demanding of Roller Coaster Tycoon fans. So why not enter a world where rules don't apply to building crazy parks and rollercoasters, whereby your imagination and childhood spirit are the only limiting factors towards just how rediculously fantastic your theme park may become!

Release Date: 17/11/2016

Available on: PC Download

Gamers Rating: 4.4/5

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