Ancient Egypt Building Games for PC

1. Pharaoh


Pharaoh by Impressions Games is a isometric-view city building title published by Sierra Entertainment. The game takes place in Ancient Egypt and it focuses on building and managing settlements. It was released back in October 1999, with the expansion Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile launched the following year to span the Hellenistic period. It is the first themed game released for the series.

Pharaoh makes use of a similar game engine as Sierra Entertainment's Caesar III. While the basic principles remain the same, the game has a few of its own unique elements such as flood-plain farming and the construction of monuments. As the ruler of the land, the player is responsible for making his city thrive by constructing both housing units and production facilities. Aside from food production, religion is also a major aspect in Pharaoh. Every mission allows the player to choose around three gods to appease. If they are pleased, either by constructing temples and through worship, they will give blessings and even bestow gifts to the city. On the other hand, displeasing them will ring about disasters related to the power they control.

As a part of its city management mechanics, the game gives players several resources to juggle. There's gold, food, pottery, beer, weapons, linen, wood, bricks, papyrus, stone and luxury items. These may either be used for the city or traded with neighboring cities. Every mission restricts the number of resources available to the player in order to encourage trading. Trade routes play an important role in importing and exporting goods. As mission progress, new routes may open if a player has complied with requests coming from fellow leaders. You can read a more indepth review of th game at PC Gamer here.

A modern version of the game looks promising and is in early development at Steam known as "Builders of Egypt" it's worth keeping an eye on.

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2. Pharaoh: Cleopatra Expansion

Pharaoh: Cleopatra Expansion

After Impressions Games' city building title Pharaoh was released back in October 1999, an expansion game was released a year later. Developed by BreakAway Games, Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile extends the narrative to include the Hellenistic period spanning from about 2900 until 700 BC. Later on, both were packaged together under the title "Pharaoh and Cleopatra". Both games run on an engine that is similar to the one used in Caesar III.

Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile installs directly into Pharaoh so it cannot be loaded separately. It adds new missions as well as unique buildings to the core game. It also alters the balance of the dynamics, increasing the difficulty of the missions. For the most part, the game makes use of the same mechanics in Caesar III. Elements unique to the game include a farming model located on the flood-plain, constructing giant monuments and naval warfare. Additionally, Cleopatra relies heavily on micromanagement instead of AI.

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3. Age of Empires Age of Mythology (Egyptian Civilization)

Age of Empires Age of Mythology Egyptian Civilization

Age of Empires (Age of Mythology) by Ensemble Studios is a real-time strategy title released back in October 2002. As its title suggests, the plot of this spin-off is based on mythology instead of real-life history although many of its elements remain unchanged from the original series. The hero of the story is Arkantos, an Atlantean admiral who hunts for a Cyclops allied with none other than Poseidon who threatens all of Atlantis.

The game features three different civilizations: Egyptian, Greek and Norse. Each one has their own set of gods and deities. The Egyptians, for instance, have Ra, Isis and Set among the Major Gods; Bast, Ptah and Anubis are Classical Age Gods; Hathor, Nephthys and Sekhmet are listed as Heroic Age Gods; finally, Osiris, Thoth and Horus as included as Mythic Age Gods. Before the game starts, players are given a chance to choose one Major God. Advancing to the next age allows them to choose a minor god which also gives unique bonuses such as technologies, mythical units as well as a single use ability called "god power" which either gives benefits or help damage opponents.

Gold, Wood, Food and Favor stand as the game's major resources. Optional upgrades may be purchased in order to increase the rate at which these are gathered. Each civilization also differs in terms of how they can gather favor. Players who chose the Egyptians may receive it through building monuments.

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4. Age of Empires (Egyptian Civilization)

Age of Empires (Egyptian Civilization)

Published by Microsoft Studios and created by Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires is a series of history-based, real-time strategy titles. Since the original game was released back in 1997, there have been seven major games released as well as a trio of spin-offs. The games focus on events in Asia, Europe and Africa throughout the Stone Age up until the Iron Age.

The Egyptians are a playable civilization in the Age of Empires. They are an ancient race that controls the lower and upper Nile regions and are heralded as one of the best civilizations to play as. They are the default one for the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign. With their strengths, they are able to buffer a majority of the sieges. Their bonuses include the Gold mining (+20%), Priests (+3 range) and Chariots (HP +33%). They are also a great choice for Death matches as they are the most effective during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. With +33% hit points, the Chariots and Chariot Archers are considered the strongest among the civilizations. Egyptian Priests can also convert enemy units the farthest, with a total range of 16 using the Afterlife upgrade. On the other hand, Egyptians lack Siege Weapon upgrades.

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Special Note* Builders of Egypt in Development

Builders of Egypt

Builders of Egypt is an early access city building game set in ancient times driven by economic factors Steam game that shows promise, right now there is only a tutorial available to test for the game.

Starting out in the protodynastic period where political unification was on going before the formation of a single state. You will build your empire all the way through to the death of Cleopatra VII.

Try the Tutorial

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