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Fantastic Contraption: Whimsical Contraptions Await your Capable Hands!Fantastic Contraption Game

How do you get something from A to B when A is a workshop of puzzle-solving creativity and B is a pink square on the screen denoting the area of victory which the initial "something" must reach in order to progress to the next level? Well, you could stare at the screen hoping for something to happen, or you could act in the spirit of Fantastic Contraption and build a, well, a damned fine contraption to get the job done. Many puzzle games prescribe a format rigidly and give you everything you need for victory on a plate; Fantastic Contraption gives you a problem and offers you a few tools so that you can invent your own way to victory.

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Cargo Bridge: Can you Build a Bridge Over Troubled Waters?Cargo Bridge Game

It's all well and good having a good quantity of cargo, but what's the use in having cargo if you can't get access to it? This isn't a security issue or a locked-out-of-your-house scenario: the cargo your little worker men need is situated inconveniently across the other side of various precipices, and it is up to you to build a bridge in order to get your men across said precipices and provide them with access to the cargo. Though there are many bridge-building games out there, Cargo Bridge takes an innovative approach to the genre and has a style about it that is decidedly distinctive.

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Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack: Bridge the Season to be JollyCargo Bridge Christmas Game

Though gruelling manual labour is probably the last thing you’ll be thinking about doing over the Christmas period, passing the large quantity seconds, minutes, and hours that comprise the many days off at this time of year will likely be high on the agenda. Instead of opting for fairly mindless and repetitive platform games or playing with your dated console games from yesteryear, you should try getting to grips with the cranially-challenging Cargo Bridge series instead. No one wants to do non-Christmasy things at Christmas, though, so I direct you to the festive edition of the series which comes in the form of Cargo Bridge Xmas Level Pack.  Not content with providing you with secular and non-denominational physics–puzzle brilliance, developers Limex Games have ensured that the action has undergone a festive makeover, with a whole bunch of new levels for eager bridge-builders to wrap their brains around.

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Cargo Bridge 2: A Bridge Too Far?Cargo Bridge 2 Game

It can often be the case that physics and puzzle-based games are like marmite to people, but if you just so happen to be marmite inclined then Cargo Bridge 2 is probably the finest thing you can spread on your toast. A sequel to the innovative and original Cargo Bridge, Cargo Bridge 2 promises more physics-based fun and bridge-based building action with a refinement and style that is superior to its predecessor. Surveying each unique platform-lacking puzzle is just the start: you must plan, build, and test out your bridge creations in what has to be the most engaging game of its kind in the last five years.

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Wooden Path 2Wooden Path 2 Game

Of all the types of puzzle game out there, none can manage to frustrate and entertain in equal amounts as can that of the tile puzzle. At their very basic, tile puzzles consist of a square block divided into multiple tiles of varying colour or pattern which must be joined up to complete the puzzle; developer Remivision takes this concept a little further in Wooden Path 2. Instead of a boring wooden block, each puzzle is situated right in the middle of a variety of rivers, and you're not solving for the sake of passing time: you're solving to create safe passage from one side of the river to the other. Wooden Path will delight, challenge, frustrate, and humble your thinking mind as you test its special awareness and problem-solving skills to the limit.

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