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Township - A town-building sim where economic and social management meets the supply and demand of raw materials

It seems you can't go for a train ride these days without someone playing on a city management sim. Sort of makes you feel guilty for not already owning and operating your own personal city, doesn't it? Well it should, and Township may be your only chance to own and operate anything of such magnitude, Combining some pretty standard town management features with a nifty bit of raw materials production and management as well as an admirable social aspect, Township has got something to please a wide range of audiences. Continue Reading

Release Date: 24/10/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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It all comes back to Sim City

It's difficult not to judge games of the city/town building and management genre too harshly, firstly because there seems to be an overabundance of them around at the moment, secondly because for many the idea of building and managing a town or city is not a desirable one, and thirdly (as well as most importantly) Sim City simply got there first. One can't judge games like this without thinking of the original city-building masterpiece, with everything else paling in comparison. The only way for games of this genre to stand out these days is to try and offer something that all other games in this genre do not. Township definitely has a good go at coming up with fresh goods, as well as being quite competent at the usual city management features as well.

Beginning, But Not From Scratch

Let's pretend for a second that Sim City isn't the king of these such genres shall we? Township actually has somewhat of a special (though not entirely unique) approach to the genre since the relatively unoriginal task of managing a city meets the fairly uncommon one of having to manage the economy of your town on which your entire game's success is dependent. It is this mixture of managing the physical aspects of your town (building, expanding etc.) with the hands-on management of farming, trade, and production that makes this a game that could potentially turn heads in an otherwise crowded genre.

You begin not unlike in your standard farming game, with a plot of land and the ability to grow basic crops such as wheat. From here you have to produce and sell these crops in order to progress in the game and unlock more growing slots as well as better crops that fetch higher prices. in this regard the game is very similar to farming simulation games such as Goodgame Big Farm, albeit with the added responsibility of managing an entire town that is relying on your growing produce to expand and survive.

Township Duties

When you get a good flow income from the selling of your crops, you can then focus on the task of making your town a better place to live as well as increasing your population. You can increase the population by purchasing houses, but you also must keep your population happy by building nice-looking statues and decorative items in order to boost morale.

As always, the limiting factor is always money (as well as morale), so you'll eventually find yourself building factories that can process the raw materials into products that sell for a much better price, such as wheat being processed in a mill and shipped to bakery to make bread. Processed goods fetch more handsome prices than raw materials, so you need to try and expand into these areas of production as soon as possible, which in turn requires more space. It is this fairly delicate balance of space, money, and morale that makes Township such an entertaining experience, almost like a socio-economic juggling act that also allows you to interact and play with friends. The similarities with Forge of Empires are quite striking, though Township isn't as feudal and doesn't contain the need to invade surrounding territories.

Township Funk

There's nothing like a town-building game that has a few twists, and Playrix's Township has  such surprises to please any player. The social aspect of the game is also commendable, with many buildings and resources requiring that you visit and interact other friends' settlements. The graphics are as wonderfully detailed as the gameplay, colourful and lovely to look at, though the music leaves something to be desired. Overall, a very decent game that stands out a little more than many in this crowded genre.

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Township is developed by Playrix Games.

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