Tiny Tower Mobile Game: Build a Highly Varied Office Tower for Your Tiny Workers

Tiny Tower

Build a Tiny Tower and manage your bitizens that live there!

Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!

Release Date: 23/06/2011

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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  • Make money to build new types of floors and attract bitizens to live and work inside.
  • Special events and VIP visitors will earn you special perks as you build your tower towards the clouds.
  • Customize the look and placement of each floor and the bitizens that live in them, and upgrade your elevator.
  • See what is on your bitizens' minds by peeking at the BitBook virtual social network for your tower!
  • Share your Tower on Twitter for all your friends to see.
Tiny Tower View 2 Tiny Tower View 3 Tiny Tower View 4 Tiny Tower View 5

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Tiny Tower is developed by Mobage.

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