Super Contraption Game for Android

Super Contraption

Build convoluted mechanical machines and devices on your mobile phone to perform random tasks in this sandbox physics 2d game following in the footsteps of Rube Goldberb and Northway games Fantastic Contraption web browser game.

Super Contraption allows you to experiment with all sorts of bits and pieces (that unfortunately can come at a cost) to see how they play out at performing different jobs in various environments including on the Moon or underwater.

While there is no structure to the game or goal unlike the Rovio's somewhat more polished and neatly packaged Bad Piggies, this physics based device building game does give you a large amount of materials to work with when experimenting so as a random sandbox mobile app it's as good as it gets for now considering the lack of competition in this niche.

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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