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My Country

My Country - A country-management sim for when city management is no longer filling the void

What happens when owning your own town like in Township isn't enough? How about when an the entire city you build and run in Megapolis doesn't quite fulfil your world-domination desires? The only way you can top these two feats is to run your own country, an adventure that can be facilitated by My Country for iOS, Android, or Windows phones. Continue Reading

Release Date: 21/09/2011

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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World Domination Vs. Country Administration

The whole world domination thing is usually reserved for evil megalomaniacs that would be at home owning a giant swimming pool filled with sharks that have laser beams attached to their heads. It isn't much fun being evil in video games anyway since it almost always ends badly as a sort of obligatory righting of the moral imbalance that such a premise creates. How about country domination though? Regardless of whether your intentions are good or just plain evil, My Country gives you the tools to use a free market to your advantage and take the reins of an entire country. This game's all about building a country from a single city on the roadside, managing all of the responsibilities that come with it. Oh, and you can do it all whilst laughing evilly if it makes you feel any better.

I'm No Frank Underwood, But I Can definitely Run a Country

As you would expect from a game with this title, the gameplay involves taking swift charge of what will eventually be an entire country. You begin with a lowly city or settlement with a road running through it at the beginning of the game; from here you must raise the money to begin building something special. You'll be making deals, completing various missions/tasks that the game sets you, and constructing buildings for your city and generally doing some fairly hands-on management of your rapidly-expanding assets.

You'll have your virtual hand held at first on account of the play-through tutorial that makes itself prominent in the early stages of the action. Far from being annoying, this tutorial initially gives you simple tasks such as creating a certain building of a specific type and moves you on to more complex procedures that are involved later in the game such as hiring staff and managing the finances of your city. Being broken in gradually is most appreciated here, especially since My Country is one of those light-hearted games that you can check in on every few hours by which point you may have forgotten what you have to do. A handy reminder here and there goes down an absolute treat.

More Than Middle Management Material

And so the gameplay continues in this manner for pretty much the whole time. Once you've bought a building, it's time to hire staff to run it. Staff obviously cost money so then it becomes all about the balance of income with outgoings as well, adding the obvious economic side to a game that wouldn't be fun without it. Progress is made obviously by expanding the city itself but also by levelling up and upgrading. It's all the same procedure as the Online My Country, but with the convenience of fitting in the palm of your hand.

Once you've got the balance of economics in your favour and a multitude of buildings erected, your settlement begins to look like a full-fledged city. Now it's time to start worrying about the balance of power in your city, literally. The more industry you have in your city and the more people. the more power it needs to supply it. Also, you can't go building a purely industrial city: you need to balance factories out with leisure areas and also ecologically friendly ones such as parks and woodland areas.

When Freemium Isn't a Bad Thing

Of course this game runs on a freemium model, but unlike the developers of fellow city building sim Megapolis, Game Insight doesn't let the in-app purchases rule the gameplay. Making IAPs simply means that you get stuff done more quickly, but because of the dip-in dip-out nature of the gameplay, you can simply let time be the currency that you spend instead of real money. Couple this with a nostalgic design that's reminiscent of Sim City 2000 and you've got a rather enjoyable and unique game on your hands.


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My Country is developed by Game Insight.

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