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Mechanical Contraption Building Falling Short on Mobiles

Bad Piggiesbad piggies

While physics based building games are certainly a niche game compared to the more stereotypical city building games you'll find an endless supply of on mobile, they do attract a fairly chunky audience and we can see that with the highly rated Bad Piggies. Thankfully the cute look green things carry the weight of this niche well where others are none existant. So much so we even wrote a quick article for a possible Bad Piggies 2. Ever since Northway games decided to create Fantastic Contraption in flash back when browser games were the thing, resurrecting an old idea inspired by the Incredible Machine games in the 90's casual gamers have had a taste for everything physic based.

Super Contraption: Falls Short Due to Pay to PlaySuper Contraption

Small game developer Inventaplay decided to have a go at making a mobile version similar to Fantastic Contraption. Replace "fantastic" with "super" and vector visuals with more arty drawn ones and you have an alternative version of Northways game which provides a certain level of fun before the developer decided to change the payment model to be pay to play top heavy. This change has seen the rating of the game diminish as it's alienated loyal users of the app.

Setting aside the criticism of this Rube Goldberg inspired title, the physics and various environments in Super Contraption do allow some interesting experiments to take place with different gravities at playing such as testing the machines you build out on the moon or even underwater!