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Construction's a big business throughout the world: people need buildings, and they can't exist without first being erected first, and that's just a fact. Just like businesses need staff to run, they also need buildings for the staff to go to, as do hospitals in which to treat patients and public transport hubs to house their staff and vehicles. If you're after construction on a large scale than on a building-by-building basis however, then there are only so many places you can go to quench such a grand thirst. You could become mayor of a town so that you have the final say on things that go on within it, but this is a long process: it's just not practical. Your best bet is to grab your mobile phone and escape into the high-powered world of mobile construction games. Luckily, we've rounded up the best of the genre right here for your consideration.

MegapolisMegapolis game

Release Date: 12th December 2012

Available for: iOS and Android

If you were to have the desire for someone to name you the game that pretty much typifies the genre of city construction, then Megapolis is likely to be one of the top three choices of any real construction gamer out there. In spite of basically being a largely simplified clone of Sim City (as most games in this genre are), Megapolis offers up some straight-shooting city building from its fledgling stages to full-on skyscrapers and buildings of real-world fame such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Starting off with a small piece of land, you must increase the city's population by building houses and residential areas and then working up to beefing up the city's industry and multitude of services in order to allow it to function like, well, a regular city. Restaurants, petrol stations, basketball courts, and other amenities are also on offer in order to keep your population happy, as are the resource buildings that produce water, electricity, and other vital consumables that your city's population will need.

One of the main attractions of Megapolis is the relative freedom you get when going about your business, and although you can choose to complete quests in order to fast-track your progress, you can get to the big and bustling stage of your city by pretty much any means necessary.

Social Quantum really put a fair bit of thought into the game, particularly the wonderful 3D graphics which are as colourful as they are beautifully designed. The cross-platform gameplay (mobile to Facebook and vice versa) is also quite a nifty aspect. Social Quantum perhaps squeeze a little too hard on the in-app purchases front, but this is a game that's fun to play and can be played for free if you're patient enough

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TownshipTownship game

Release Date: 24th October 2013

Available for: iOS and Android

If Megapolis is the grand-scale city-builder, then Township is the quant and dainty town-building game that actually has you handling some of the smaller-scale operations that go into sustaining your town/city's growth. The game begins with you taking over a town that's already been established which you must then build into a bigger and better one.

The main difference between this and other games is that you produce resources such as crops, and can choose to sell them in their raw state (such as unprocessed wheat, for example) or you can invest a bit more in refining buildings such as mills and bakeries in order to sell processed goods (like bread) in order to dramatically increase the sale price.

The game has a great social aspect that involves trading materials you can't ordinarily get in the game with friends, making this a game that relies on social ties as well as single-player efforts. If you don't have friends however, that's bad luck as you will then have to spend money on premium currency to get very far. Township is a wonderfully hands-on experience, if a little dependent on the social aspect to interest players looking for games they can advance in on a single-player basis.

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City StoryCity Story game

Release Date: 12th July 2012

Available for: iOS

If you've played Social City before, chances are you're going to know more than just the ropes of City Story. Bright and pleasant-looking graphics are one of the obvious features that hits you in the face when starting the game, though this is standard for the genre. The usual cycle of building houses to increase population, factories/production buildings to produce resource, and making money in order to expand also applies here, making this a game that doesn't exactly stand out from the crowd.

Still, the game's focus on managing just your factories is quite a new concept, allowing you to do things like clean buildings and perform other services for other players to earn money for yourself. This social aspect isn't anything new, but it does add another dimension to what would otherwise be another generic city-building game. 

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My CountryMy Country game

Release Date: 7th May 2013

Available for: iOS and Android

If city building is too small-time for you, then perhaps you'd like to take on larger cities, perhaps even a country? All of the usual city-building norms apply here including building residences, businesses, services etc., but an added layer of depth is created through the necessity of maintaining a certain balance in areas such as pollution levels and energy consumption. Your managing of the individual businesses in the city will also be more in-depth, such as the monitoring of the number of taxicabs and the need to increase this number if you wish to grow the business.

As far as construction games go, My Country can easily fall into the crowd since it doesn't initially look any different to the others on the market. It is unique in its depth and breadth however, making it one of the best mobile construction games on the market.

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Airport CityAirport City game

Release Date: 10th August 2011

Available for: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

When it comes down to it, Airport City is really just a standard construction game that's masquerading as something special, what with the whole airport thing and all. While the airport aspect does add a unique approach to an extent, you're still managing and maintaining an airport and a city at the same time, performing all of the tasks you usually would with a city only with a few exceptions. You obviously get to buy planes and hangars to house them, even place runways and other essential aviation fodder, but the city aspect is all geared towards improving your airport. Residences are built purposely to increase the number of customers for example.

Is Airport City a unique concept? Not by any means, but it is a fairly decent try at being different. The problem comes when the in-app purchases become almost mandatory as the only other alternative is to spend massive amounts of time waiting for things to be done.

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Virtual City PlaygroundVirtual City Playground game

Release Date: 20th October 2010

Available for: iOS and Android

Virtual City Playground is a sequel to an impressive original, but it would do no one any good to lie about the fact that it is a significant step down. Yes you get to build your own city and manage it like in any other game of the genre, but this is another example of freemium taking over the fun of a game. Its presence here is only because the initial stages are quite fun, but this fun is soon spoiled by yet more money-grabbing madness from the developers. 

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