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Construction Simulator 2014

Construction Simulator 2014 - When there are games like Goat Simulator in existence, this construction sim looks sensible in comparison

Put down that pick-axe, take your hands off the controls of that heavy machinery, and would someone please ask that gentleman in the high-visibility jacket to step away from that wrecking ball!? We've got family-owned construction business to tend to - an entirely virtual one of course - that requires your unskilled hands. Be prepared to tend to the controls of a variety of construction vehicles and be at the helm of a multitude of construction-based tasks in yet another simulation of what would ordinarily be considered as mundane but would be right at home at Simulator Central. Continue Reading

Release Date: 17/10/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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A Case of Art Imitating Life

Good, old-fashioned man's work; elbow grease-requiring graft; some might even say "man's work" if they weren't afraid of today's vigilante feminazis. However you put it, there's less of this kind of work going around these days, but there's plenty of opportunity to engage in the simulation of this kind of manual-yet-skilled labour.

And why the hell not, eh? If games like Goat Simulator and Farming Simulator are allowed to exist with minimal mockery and fan bases that enter the millions, then why can't a lowly and unassuming Construction Simulator prosper in this age that seems to have gone full circle by forcing games - pieces of media that were originally intended to be a sort of escapist fantasy that took players as far away as possible from reality - to go full circle and become all about the simulation of the average and the mundane. It may seem a bit loopy, but you've got Game Dev Story simulating office work and Farming Simulator having you toil on arable land; why not let Construction Simulator 2014 do the same for the simulation of the construction industry?

As It Sounds

For those of you thinking that Astragon's Construction Simulator 2014 may be one of those titles that's steeped in irony and is hiding swathes of gameplay that aren't concerned with exactly what the title suggests, then disappointment is the only thing that will be waiting for you. Construction Simulator 2014 is exactly that: a construction sim which starts with you inheriting a family-based construction business and goes on to involve performing a variety of building-related tasks behind the wheel/controls of a number of different vehicles you often see being used in yup, you've got it, the construction industry.

Beginning with a four-vehicle collection of cars that barely deserves the title of 'fleet', you simply have to travel around town following a sort of GPS-like map and going where the jobs are. Your initial vehicle collection consists of a tipper for removing unwanted debris and materials from building sites, an excavator vehicle to be used in conjunction with the tipper (it gets material from the ground into the tipper), a classic flatbed truck, and a vehicle that no construction game would be complete without: a forklift.

Your initial cache of vehicles may sound a little limited considering that in a fully unlocked state the game has a total of fourteen vehicles to offer, you will soon learn that the game is all about using the vehicles in conjunction with each other, combining their efforts to allow their individual uses to - and this is the only acceptable time to use this word - synergise as a collective.

Construction on the Micro Level

So what sounded a little like a sort of macro-level construction sim that people may have thought played a little like Sim City turns out to actually be a fairly micro-level re-enactment of construction-vehicle operation in a variety of different contexts in order to earn money which in turn can be used to purchase upgrades. At least the controls are easy to pick up, with each vehicle having two modes: driving and operating. The driving modes for many vehicles are just like regular ones, with forward/back and left/right controls doing what you'd expect. A bit more skill is required for multi-track rigs however, requiring you to operate one track independently of the other: this requires a little more finesse and brain power.

In operating mode, you'll be doing relatively simple tasks at first such as transporting pallets of wood, digging up dirt from the ground, and managing the tools that will be needed on each construction site. This is the meat of the game, and believe me when I say that learning to properly operate each vehicle is quite the immersive task, and not for the faint of heart  or the player looking for a quick, instantly-rewarding thrill.

The extra-construction site environment is where the game falls down somewhat since the instructions of where to go are extremely vague and the streets dull and a little lifeless compared to the construction sites themselves. The graphics are reasonably flashy and I assume the equipment accurate to real-life construction, but the only fun is in the upgrading: it turns out that construction isn't all it's not cracked up to be.

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Construction Simulator 2014 is developed by Astragon.

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