Bad Piggies Android, iOS Game

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies involves building crazy contraptions to escort your pigs from A to B across different stages packed with obstacles and akward terrains to overcome. Can you evaluate each level, learn from your mistakes and think of suitable contraption to create to overcome the pitfalls that would send your piggies crashing into oblivion?

Protecting the Piggies Rather than Smashing Them!

Bad Piggies Contraptions

Rather than smashing the Piggies by catapulting your angry birds into them this time your job is to take care of them. The pigs are seen in a more innocent light than in Rovio's original series. The contraptions you design to complete each level are somewhat hovering/flying clumsy mechanical Rube Goldberg inspired things that can crash down to earth and explode if you get the construction of them wrong.

Try build your own flying device today and see if you can become the clever engineer these pigs are desperately in need of

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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