Fantastic ContraptionFantastic Contraption game

How do you get something from A to B when A is a workshop of puzzle-solving creativity and B is a pink square on the screen denoting the area of victory which the initial 'something' must reach in order to progress to the next level? Well, you could stare at the screen hoping for something to happen, or you could act in the spirit of Fantastic Contraption and build a, well, a damned fine contraption to get the job done. Many puzzle games prescribe a format rigidly and give you everything you need for victory on a plate; Fantastic Contraption gives you a problem and offers you a few tools so that you can invent your own way to victory.

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Airport CityAirport City game

Ever since the first Sim City hit the game market over twenty years ago, the city building and city management genre has been put on the map in a very big way. After a huge number of sequels, Sim City finally ended its run on console/PC, but it even has a new title that's been recently released that has more depth and content than ever. Sometimes a pure city building title isn't enough for the needs of the more adventurous gamers, though, so what happens when titles like Sim City and Megapolis don't quite meet gamers' needs? The answer is Airport City, a game that takes the concept of building a city and makes it gel quite magnificently with the building and management of an adjacent airport, with the success of both entities being dependent on each other in every way.

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